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I would like to use my Skip-A-Pay offer on the following loan(s):


If you have multiple loans, you may take advantage of the Skip-A-Pay program for each loan that qualifies. There will be a $30 processing fee per loan. Once the above request form is submitted, the member is responsible for canceling the next recurring payment on the skipped loan at least 3 days before the scheduled payment date, either through online banking or outside financial institution, depending on the funding source of your recurring loan payments.

I understand and agree that: (1) skipping my current payment will extend the term of my loan for an additional month; (2) interest will continue to accrue on my loan during the entire term of the loan, including the month the payment is skipped, and may change the schedule of total repayment; (3) this authorization amends the original loan agreement; (4) all requests may be processed by mail, online, or by calling the credit union; (5) I must provide Smart Financial Credit Union with notice of my intent to participate before the due date of my current payment; (6) I will only be eligible for the program if all my loans are current and I have not otherwise been in default in the past 6 months on the date my request is received; (7) loans whose payments are made by disability insurance/protection provided by one of our affiliates, are not eligible for a skipped payment; (8) this offer is limited to the member and loan(s) indicated on this form; (9) I may only be eligible to skip a payment twice in a 12 month rolling period on the same loan; (10) the eligible skipped payments may not be consecutively monthly payments; (11) the $30 processing fee may be debited from any of my Smart Financial accounts unless I remit a check drawn off another institution for the fee; (12) I understand that if payment for the fee is not received, the skipping of the payment may not be processed; (13) any monthly credit insurance/debt protection charge I may have on my loan will continue to accrue; (14) I should keep a copy of this application with my original loan documents; (15) other restrictions may apply (16) any regular payment made through Payroll Deduction or Direct Deposit may be transferred to my primary share account or it may be applied to the principal of my loan reducing the remaining balance of the loan; (17) Depository accounts may not be overdrawn; and (18) Number of payments that will be skipped based on payment frequency are as follows: 4 Weekly, 2 Bi-Weekly, 1 Monthly, 2 Semi-Monthly.

I understand that this offer excludes all Mortgage loans, Home Improvement loans, Home Equity loans, Home Equity Line of Credit loans, Lot loans, Indirect loans, Balloon notes, Interest Only loans, Commercial loans, Credit Cards, and Line of Credit loans.

National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency - Member accounts are federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.